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Epson Printers

Epson is one of the largest manufacturers of printers in the world, renowned for their precision, reliability and innovation. Epson printers consistently deliver exceptional quality output and come in a wide range of options that cater to both home and office needs. Their cutting-edge inkjet technology ensures vivid colours and sharp details, making Epson products a favourite among graphic artists.

At Graphic Arts Supplies, we have no shortage of Epson printers in Australia that feature user-friendly interfaces and wireless connectivity options to enhance convenience and productivity. Whether for everyday printing tasks or professional projects, an Epson printer can get the job done.

Contact us today to learn more about Epson in Australia, or browse our Epson online store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase accessories or maintenance kits for my Epson printer at Graphic Arts?

At Graphic Arts Supplies, we sell a range of genuine Epson inks and accessories, including maintenance kits. Epson's high-quality inks have been specifically designed to work with your Epson printer to deliver the highest quality results.

How can I make an informed decision about which Epson product to purchase?

Please call the team at Graphic Arts Supplies on 1300 939 854 to discuss your requirements or arrange an in-store demonstration. 

Can you provide support and training for first-time Epson printer users?

Craig is our resident trainer and is ready to assist you and your team with any training needs.  Tailored sessions are organised to suit your requirements and budget. Please contact Craig on 0436 428 316 or email to work out your training schedule and book a time.

What distinguishes the Epson SureColor S-Series printers available at Graphic Arts Supplies?

Epson’s range of signage printers are designed to enable cost-effective durable imaging on a wide range of substrates. The combination of Epson ink, print head and image processing technology enables production of materials with truly exceptional quality. The basic 4-colour models produce output that is equivalent or better than competitors with 7 or more inks, and for the ultimate in colour, there’s the S80600 series with up to 10 inks and PANTONE® certification.

How can I stay updated on the latest Epson products and offers from Graphic Arts Supplies?

To get the latest Epson AU offers from Graphic Arts Supplies, simply click the 'Subscribe' button on our website and our newsletters will be emailed straight to your inbox.

Which photographic printer is best for a beginner, hobbyist or first-time user?

The Epson SureColor P906 is ideal for amateur and semi-professional photographers or any business with a regular requirement for high-quality colour presentations. Pop into our showroom to see this sleek, compact and professional printer in action, or browse our Epson shop online in AU today.

What distinguishes the Epson SureColor T-Series printers available at Graphic Arts Supplies?

Epson’s technical printers are designed to produce posters, POS, plans, drawings, maps, CAD, GIS and presentation material. Developed for business, education and retail applications, they’re simple to use and feature low power consumption. They output ultra-fine lines and solid fills, with high brightness and colour density, using inexpensive ink that dries almost instantly to become moisture and abrasion resistant. They can be operated standalone or as part of a network complete with the latest security support. Most models feature scanner support (desktop and/or large format), while some provide job costing, remote management and optional postscript and print server functionality.

Do you stock Epson media?

We offer an extensive range of Epson Photo, Fine Art, Production and Specialty media in sheet and roll format. Epson takes a quality base stock and applies a set of specially formulated coatings, which are designed to enable output with superior clarity, brightness and colour accuracy when used with nominated Epson printer and ink types.

What is advanced about the Epson print head technology?

MicroPiezo is a unique printing technology developed by Epson. Its legendary performance and ability to support virtually any ink chemistry has forever changed inkjet printer design. Epson uses this advanced technology to make possible what was previously considered impossible.

Are Epson print heads covered under warranty?

While some competitor heads are consumable parts that need to be regularly replaced, Epson PrecisionCore print heads are permanent and covered under warranty. Epson's latest PrecisionCore print heads deliver outstanding image quality with maximum reliability using a minimum amount of ink. Unlike other technologies that wear down over time, PrecisionCore print heads are designed to produce the same output day after day with superior colour that’s predictable and consistent. 

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