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How equipment finance can help your business grow

If you’re looking at growing your business, equipment finance can help. That's why Graphic Arts Supplies have partnered with Ecoloease to make financing easy.

Investing in the latest technology, equipment and vehicles helps your business remain competitive, efficient and free from costly breakdowns.

Here are the top 7 benefits of financing your equipment

* Hold on to your cash! – Rather than paying upfront for your equipment, pay off your equipment over time, and keep your cash for day-to-day expenses.

*Get the machine you need now – Financing enables you to get the right equipment at the right time, allowing you to focus on quality and suitability, rather than the price.

*Getting approved is easier than you think – Hassle-free finance options are available up to $250k for ABN holders

* Better budgeting – Finance repayments are fixed for the term so you know exactly what you will be paying each month.

* No extra security needed –Unlike other forms of finance, you don’t need a house as security.

* Reduce your tax bill – When you claim the cost of finance, repayments or depreciation expense you can reduce your tax bill.

* Retain your equity – use equity in your home or property for growth and investment opportunities, not for equipment and vehicles


Ecolease has assisted thousands of businesses finance income-generating equipment. We are experts in the print and signage industry, knowledgeable about the equipment you’re purchasing. Through a simple approval process, affordable payments, and an efficient friendly team, Ecoloease make financing your equipment easy.

For more information contact the Ecolease team on 1300 322 092



*As the taxation and accounting treatments of various finance products may vary, we recommend you seek independent expert advice before choosing an option.

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