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Floor & Wall Coverings

Floor & Wall Coverings

Are your clients looking for quality floor and wall coverings with which to improve their brand awareness and communicate with their target audience? Fortunately, Graphic Arts Supplies offers floor and wall branding that can have a profound impact.

Our floor and wall printing range includes:

  • MyFloor Film and Laminate - A classic floor film for printable floor graphics that can be used on nearly any surface indoors for POS, reception area and shopping centre applications.
  • PhotoTex Aqueous OPA Blockout - A blockout material that can be used in businesses, malls, schools, museums, stadiums and other commercial spaces.
  • PhotoTex Solvent Standard - Easy to use printable wall decals for temporary or permanent use that can be removed and reused multiple times without causing damage to the surface.
  • TexWalk R12 - A fabric with a textured matte vinyl coating that works great on carpet, tile, concrete, wooden and PVC floors, as well as other indoor or outdoor surfaces.
  • Neschen Easy Dot Transparent - A self-adhesive film with a glossy surface for vibrant colours and photorealistic print quality, ideal for printable wall graphics at the point-of-sale.

Our printable floor media and printable wall media blend functionality with artistry, transforming blank surfaces into colourful, vibrant and informative canvases. Have a chat with us today for more information on our available floor printing and wall printing supplies.

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