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Window Films

Window Films

Most storefronts and offices have windows that can be used for advertising purposes. Window vinyl film is a great way of promoting a brand while enhancing privacy and adding a touch of elegance. At Graphic Arts Supplies, we can supply window films to businesses whose clients have windows they can take advantage of. Our clear and coloured window films allows you to buy from trusted window film brands in Australia.

Available films within our range include:

  • Etch & Frost Films – Etched and frosted window films provide privacy while allowing natural light to filter through. They’re ideal for offices, conference rooms and shopfronts. Sourced from MetaMark, our window privacy film is available in multiple finishes and provides a striking effect for decals or architectural use.
  • Perforated Films – Featuring tiny holes that allow one-way visibility, our perforated window film ensures messages are visible from the outside while maintaining an unobstructed view from the inside. With stunning print quality, our one-way window film or 2 way window film is excellent for turning windows into eye-catching and effective marketing tools.
  • ­Ultra-Clear Films – For those seeking crystal-clear transparency, our ultra-clear decorative window film is the perfect choice. Suitable for domestic and commercial use, this film offers exceptional clarity while providing protection against harmful UV rays.

Contact the leading window films supplier at Graphic Arts Supplies today for help finding the perfect adhesive window film in Australia for your project.

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